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CheckVisible.Com (previously WPRS ) was founded in 1998 by Rajesh Tavakari, a marketer, web designer and SEO entrepreneur. It was one of the very first website promotion companies to be established in Bangalore, India.

What began in a tiny room in the city of Bangalore grew to become an international SEO firm, employing 18 people at its two headquarters and serving clients all over the world.

CheckVisible focuses on small and medium-size businesses that need professional, effective website promotion services, but don't have huge marketing budgets. It meets their needs with responsibly-priced SEO services that have demonstrated a proven track record of boosting rankings, traffic and sales.

Under the prolific guidance of renowned SEO specialist Rajesh Tavakari, www.webpromotionguru.com and www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com have made giant leaps in the last one and a half decades. Today, the two domains service a large clientele base across the globe.

The two domains now come under the flagship brand of www.checkvisible.com. The new flagship domain will continue offering its tested and trusted client-centric SEO services to its clients as the two other domains have been doing for the past 15 years. Work with us & experience the difference!

From left, Rajesh, Raghavendra & Rajiv

What Makes Us Different

CheckVisible maintains a tight focus on its customers. It accepts only 12 new clients per year to ensure that strict quality control standards are met. The company's "One and Only SEO Implementation Package" is also unique in the industry; it includes all the most effective website promotion services in one comprehensive plan.

CheckVisible also offers a performance guarantee that promises clients will get concrete results that pay off in profits. This extreme commitment to quality, results, and value for money is what makes CheckVisible a different sort of website promotion company.

Rajesh Tavakari

Rajesh belongs to an exceptional league of self-made entrepreneurs who have honed their professional insights through entrepreneurship skills, thereby establishing successful careers in SEO marketing.

Rajesh started his career as a professional website designer in the late 1990s, when he not only focused on how to develop fundamental web presences, but also realized that the real challenge of a website is to ensure that its intended users are aware of and access the website. This brought him to SEO and he started to explore the wealth of SEO possibilities, building on his SEO acumen.

He studied on his own to learn about website promotion, embarking on implementation work with great success. He joined well-known blogs, forums, and groups like Search Engine Watch and Webmaster Forums to discuss and enhance his knowledge related to website promotion and improving search engine rankings.

In 1998, when SEO marketing was still at its nascent stage, he formed WPRS & WPG, now under a new brand, CheckVisible.Com, along with his schoolmate Rajiv. Soon he was able to outmaneuver the competition and delve deeply into the US SEO market, building 93% of his client base from US customers.

Rajesh’s in-depth domain knowledge and sector expertise have made him one of the most respected SEO specialists in India. He has published a wide range of promotion and marketing articles in webpronews, Promotionworld, Lilengine, WebReference, Idea Marketers, ISEDB and other leading SEO forums.

Rajesh holds a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in marketing, from Karnataka University in India. He also earned his Master’s of Computer Applications from Karnataka. When not working, he enjoys table tennis, photography and fishing.

Rajiv Nampoothiri

Rajiv began his career as a web programmer before joining Tavakari in 1999 as an SEO consultant. Since then, Rajiv has become one of the top Internet marketing and SEO/SEM consultants, and is also an integral part of CheckVisible’s operations and SEO campaigns.

Rajiv holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Applications (MCA), with an emphasis on XHTML/CSS/PHP programming, database management and Internet research. After learning the basics of SEO from Tavakari, he honed his expertise through tireless research on website promotion.

Today, Rajiv independently handles clients of CheckVisible and is personally involved in search engine optimization, web analysis and site audits. This provides CheckVisible clients with a unique and powerful advantage within their particular industries.

In addition to learning more about SEO, Rajiv enjoys spending time with his family and playing table tennis. He is also an avid fan of literature.

Raghavendra Kulkarni (Raghu)
SEO Director

Raghavendra (known around the office as Raghu) is a self-taught SEO specialist and online entrepreneur. Raghu began his career in SEO under the mentorship of Tavakari, who invited him to join CheckVisible. This invitation made it possible for the schoolmates to share their deep understanding of their SEO specialties to create superior results for their clients.

As Director of CheckVisible, Raghu manages a number of comprehensive and successful SEO campaigns. His responsibilities include breaking down SEO tactics to clients and implementing innovative SEO techniques to assist in successful website promotion campaigns. He is also responsible for providing in-depth training to CheckVisible’s in-house staff, in addition to other business associates.

For the last few years, Raghu has been focusing on researching cutting-edge and advanced SEO techniques, in addition to the role of social media, online press releases, and link acquisition to determine how they affect organic search results.

When not focusing on developing the latest SEO strategies, Raghu enjoys reading spiritual books, meditating and practicing yoga.

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