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Did Google Penguin Hurt Your Website?

Penguin is their code name for Google’s recent search algorithm updates aimed at decreasing the search rankings of websites or penalizing the site, that violate their Webmaster Guidelines by using “black-hat” SEO techniques.

If the Google Penguin update literally destroyed your website rankings, and you want a simple, step-by-step solution to recover your favorable rankings, traffic and sales...

...then you’re about to discover how you can quickly get your entire website back on first page of Google search rankings and stay there.

Our Google Penguin Recovery Service can get your website on the first page of Google searches - saving you many headaches, thousands of dollars in "lost" profits and any future devastation from similar Google algorithm updates.

Did Google Penguin Update Stop Your Cashflow And Get Away With It?

I have the answer and the solution to get your site back to profitability after the Google Penguin updates. Don't trust another SEO consultant until you READ THIS NOTICE!

ATTENTION: Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Affiliate Marketers, Info Publishers, Online Business Owners, and anyone unfairly penalized by the Google Penguin updates:

Dear Website Owner,

Google HATES your website. At least that’s what you think.

These are questions people like you are asking, but here is the most important one:

• How long can you live with a Penguin damaged website before you have to go out of business completely?

Probably not long... unless you’re one of the lucky few who can afford to spend lots of money on AdWords. If so, you’re definitely in the top 1% of all business owners.

But if you are still struggling to overcome Penguin to get more of Google’s free traffic, and want a proven, well-tested solution to eliminate the hidden SEO violations that are blocking you from recovering your hard earned traffic, rankings and sales…

… Then we’d like to introduce you to our Google Penguin Recovery Service. We will work hard to get your website back into Google’s good graces in as little as 3 weeks to 3 months, depending upon the level and type of Penguin penalty your website has.

Even if you "accidentally" linked up with a bad network, “unknowingly” received site wide backlinks, and "couldn’t remember" how to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines...

What we’re saying to you is simple: As your new SEO consultant, we can make all your Google Penguin problems suddenly disappear – GUARANTEED!



Why E-Book Advice, Forum Advice And Other SEO Tactics Haven’t Worked

People want to know how to recover from Google’s Penguin updates but the answer is quite simple. E-books, forum advice and other SEO tactics can only take you so far.

The more information you get, the more you try. The more you try, the more you make changes to your website. The more wrong changes you make, your site gets worse.

For example, how many of these steps have you already tried?

• Revise the back links (that didn’t work)
• Add better, high-quality links (that didn’t work)
• Wait for Google to re-crawl the website (that didn’t work)
• Made typical redirects (that didn’t work)
• Optimizing on-page factors (that didn’t work)
• Checked for duplicate and spun content (that didn’t work)
• Made each page unique with a unique title tag (that didn’t work)


If you have taken a bad hit from the Google Penguin update, asking for a re-listing is like asking to hit the lottery jackpot. The odds of success are about the same!

We have discovered a proven method to completely RECOVER your entire website, RESURRECT it from the dead, and RESTORE all of your traffic, keywords and rankings back to where they’re supposed to be.

We will start your Google Penguin Recovery Service by following Google's webmaster guidelines — using 100% white hat techniques — so you will NEVER have to worry again about losing your website traffic or your valuable site customers again.

How Can We Guarantee Google Penguin Update Recovery?

We offer a Google Penguin Recovery Service that is safe, legal and ethical.

The key to achieving success is knowing which specific elements caused Google to flag you in the first place, cleaning up your website, and then taking specific actions to get your site re-indexed by Google.

Google Penguin is algorithm updates. They automatically “erased” websites that were over-optimized. Your website could get flagged if it displayed:

• Aggressive exact-match anchor text
• Overuse of exact-match domains
• Low-quality article marketing and blog spam
• Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links
• Unnatural links
• Spun article submissions
• Paid network links ( is one of example)
• Spun articles submissions
• Back-links from footers, headers and sidebars
• Spammy links (manipulation of search engine indexes)
• Back-links that are totally irrelevant
• Non-diversified back-links
• Software oriented profile links
• And many other factors..

However, we have witnessed many websites that are not overly optimized that were also hit by these updates without any notice of unnatural links. Why was this?

What 99 Out Of 100 Webmasters Don't Know Much About Google Penguin

Experienced SEO teams (who've been doing it for longer than 5 years) know that Google is not always straightforward. If Google simply listed all logical formulas used in their search algorithm, they know that 99 out of 100 people will change the associated logic factors. Those types of SEO actions would automatically identify you again as an “over-optimizing” webmaster.

Think of it like this. They PENALIZED you because your "garden" (and millions of other ones) has 3 rotten apples. They also suspect that if you have 3 rotten apples, that you are STEALING from them! So they take action to remove your “garden” completely. They explain that hundreds of "gardens" with 3 rotten apples have been banished!

So now what happens? Hundreds of "gardeners" try to remove those 3 rotten apples. The important result is this. Now that you have taken action to remove your 3 rotten apples, they have now CONVICTED YOU AS GUILTY!

It's almost as if Google said "change all these things so we can verify that you are spamming our network." You have to ask yourself why would they ban over 1 billion web queries, and then give out the exact keys to get back onto their search engine?

It makes no sense. That is why the only way to RECOVER your rankings is to better understand the minds at Google, to play by their rules, and to practice the safe methods to optimize your website without being labeled as an “over optimizing” webmaster.

Without really understanding the Google Penguin algorithm (and all the others before it), simply changing random on-page and off-page factors will do nothing to help!

We Can Perform Your Google Penguin Recovery With Deep Understanding

The hasty guesswork and actions done by amateur SEO services allow Google to easily identify who is trying to manipulate their search results.

Fortunately, we own a network of websites that we test with. We know how to recover from Google's Penguin updates because we deeply UNDERSTAND the underlying design principles of Google’s search engine that affects their search rankings.

We know everything important that there is to know about recovering from the Google Penguin updates, Panda updates, and every other update that came before. We have IDENTIFIED the specific logic factors and thoroughly TESTED the required changes that can quickly and easily restore previously penalized websites.

That's why we have complete confidence in knowing the specific changes that will positively affect your website and RESTORE your site, rankings and traffic.

Guaranteed Recovery Of Your Website After Google Penguin Updates

To recover from Google's Penguin updates, you need a "white hat" SEO specialist with at least 5 years experience to identify what went wrong with your website, and then make the required specific changes gradually.

As previously mentioned, the problem is most people don't really know which changes to make on your website. But we do. That's why we are willing to prove it to you with a FREE CONSULTATION before you risk a single penny for our SEO service.

How do we do what we do? Without spam, without violation, and without using a robot, scripts or tools, we simply use our proven methods we worked so hard to discover.

We aren't going to say the solution is "simple", because that would not be true. But recovering from the Google Penguin updates is easier for us because we have endured the agony of keeping up to date with the Google changes all along. It's completely natural to us. So now we can use our knowledge and skills to rework your website and achieve verifiable, stable and repeatable results.

Without an experienced "white hat" SEO expert on your side, you are bound to make mistakes and suffer from more actions by Google. It's not your fault; you just have to know Google's history. This isn't the first time they've pulled such tricks with websites, and it won't be the last.

How To Repair Your Website After Google's Penguin Update

With our Google Penguin Recovery Service, there are several things that will happen.

• First, our SEO experts will clean up bad backlinks, junk codes, hidden links, keyword stuffing, and remove spammy content.

• Next, we will make your website compliant with Google's Webmaster Policies.

• Finally, once your website is cleaned up and fixed, you will notice a gradual improvement in your site traffic and sales.

Sure, you could try to do some things on your own, but that may be ineffective. There are hidden factors on your website that have caused Google to turn on you. These factors are not in plain sight. You will only know them if you had deep historical knowledge of Google’s algorithms and have been thoroughly trained on what to do.

Be Careful In Hiring A SEO Expert

You or your previous SEO helper must be very careful from now going forward. This is because whatever you did (or your SEO did) to build your money-making, high-converting website has resulted in a serious penalty from Google.

Recovering from this penalty is possible, but only by using very knowledgeable, skillful and experienced SEO assistance for your website rework.

The main reason our clients continue to use us (though they are now skeptical of SEO services more than ever) is simply because they know how we have thoroughly studied Google's guidelines and updates for the past 13 years to produce consistent results.

We have gained their trust by following the rules. Over the years, we have kept over 77 websites in high-ranking positions using safe, ethical "white-hat" SEO practices. But there's something else as well.

They know they can come to us if their website is in TROUBLE. Whether from fierce completion or search engine changes, they may see a dip in its business performance. They know about our “white hat” SEO skills and our comprehensive knowledge of online marketing practices and historical algorithm changes. They see us as more honest, reliable and technically savvy than others, and know that we always deliver the results.

We highly value our customer relationships, and everyone on our SEO services team is personally committed to superior service delivery and long-term client satisfaction.

Don't Do Anything Until You Receive Our Free Consultation

If you feel that you are a victim of Google Penguin updates, contact us for a FREE, no-obligation consultation. A dedicated SEO expert will carefully review your website and discuss your needs with you.

We'll give you the best insight and solutions regarding your website, and in return, we hope you'll consider hiring us. If not, that's also OK. When the time is right, we hope we'll be the first SEO service company you think of.

To get started now, simply fill out the form and we will soon get to the root of your Penguin problems. You're under no obligation to purchase our services, but we do hope you take action now, because once we get fully scheduled with service requests, we'll be unable to take any new orders.

We know there are a lot of people who could use our free help, and that it could be needed at any moment. So please contact us now. We'll be swift to answer. Your website and financial future may depend on this. It may even save your business.

P.S. Ready to contact us? If not, here's something to think about.

Unless you've thoroughly studied the Google Penguin updates front to back, you probably won't know how to fix your website. Neither will your local SEO "expert."

That's why we're offering a FREE CONSULTATION. We'll look at your website and tell you how to get it back where it belongs, in simple English with a clear plan.

We know you have questions. We have answers. Why try to figure it out on your own? We are ready and willing to help. There's no obligation or risk on your part.

P.P.S. How long can you afford to wait before you achieve recovery?

We don't know your answer. But 2 out of 3 of our client websites are back in Google — getting their site traffic and turning profits. Don't you think we should talk?

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