Now I am ranking on page 1 for that keyword on Google and many other search engine

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I am the owner of an on-line business selling tanning lotions for the use in tanning beds.

We started five years ago selling on e-bay and then moved up to a small website. I was told if I did a view source, I could see the html code. I added my own code for two or three years. Some of my competition rated well, and I did not? I asked around and found some web site forums were I became self taught on how to promote my website.

This practice of doing the web promotion myself went on for a couple of years until my ratings started to fall. I started looking around for “Professional Website Promoters”. It was a long task doing the research because there are many out on the web that just want to take you money and do nothing or very little.

My premise was and is, if these promoter can’t rate well for there keywords I don’t look any more. Then I noticed CheckVisible.Com. I looked long at their website and noticed they rated well and gave customer testimonials. One of their clients was in my state so I called. She deals in hat enameled pins. We talked a long time and her comments were very positive.

At this point in time I e-mailed Rajesh for a price. We came to agreement with Rajesh and later Raghu started promoting my websites. They made many changes to Meta tags, text, text position and link promotion to optimize my websites. My webmaster David and Raghu modified many pages on my websites.

I know it takes time about four to six months before you see results. That is because the search engines take that long to index and update the optimized pages. After about four months my site started moving up on Google for my keywords, “tanning lotions”. Not obscure keywords but the ones that get the greatest general searches.

Now I am ranking on page 1 for that keyword on Google and many other search engines. This is mainly do to the hard work of many people at CheckVisible.com. Raghu and his team always answer my e-mails in a day or sooner even on weekends. This kind of service is what I wanted but never had before coming to this company.

I am looking forward to doing even better for the tanning bed season next year working with Rajesh, Raghu and Company. Many thanks for a nice job.

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Tanning Enterprises LLC
P.O. Box 56, Camanche, IA. 52732

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