On today’s Google search, with 44,500,000 results, ********Boutique.com is ranked number three.

Dear Rajesh,

When I started ********Boutique.com, I had absolutely no background in the internet business. My background in marketing, told me of the urgent need to achieve organic ranking for our new company, as soon as possible. In designing our website, I was told that meeting certain criteria would prompt such ranking. That misinformation was the first in a long series of failed promises and results.

In the first year and one half, I tried three different SEO companies; all with poor results. After a great deal of frustration and wasted expense, I took a new approach and decided that I would only consider a company who had high organic ranking on Google. I reviewed and compared a select few that were ranked in the top twenty.

By this time I had spent over $250,000.00 on pay per clicks. The business plan was not working and I was becoming very concerned. I had terminated my relationship with two webmasters and three SEO companies. Being a business man whose considerable experience was dealing face to face with my associates, I found myself in a strange world where I had difficulty selecting the right partners to grow the business.

As you know, I spent a lengthy amount of time in selecting you to develop our organic ranking. I was concerned that I could ill afford another bad selection. I was also concerned about the expense of the project. Most candidates were in the five digit range. And most candidates used sales personnel to obtain their customers. I had no confidence in their many pitches.

You were the only one that I sensed was sincere. Additionally I liked the fact that you were not as expensive as all others. To be very candid, my overriding concern, dealing with you, was the fact that you were overseas. I felt just that much “farther away” in accomplishing the task at hand.

At this point, I knew something positive must happen in the next few months or the business would fail. My instincts finally led me to you. One of the first things I learned from you, after you had some time to thoroughly review our site, was that my previous SEO Company was using unethical practices to achieve what little rankings the website had.

You told me that continued use of these practices could have the website permanently banned from the search engines and that you would not continue work on the site, unless the results of these practices were removed. I agreed. Of course, doing so put us in the position of starting all over again. Although I was very disappointed, my confidence in you greatly increased!

A few months had passed and our rankings were improving, but not as rapidly as I had hoped. Our business was horrible. Frankly, I did not know if we could hold on much longer. You suggested that we discontinue pay per clicks and be patient. We went to be with our family at Christmas, a year ago, feeling very dejected. Two days after Christmas I got a call from our only remaining employee to tell me that we had made the first page on a couple of our keywords on Google and Yahoo. I will never forget that moment! I had been waiting for these results for over two years!

Since that time, over eighteen months ago, our rankings have improved to the point where we are on the first page of all the major search engines for most of our keywords. Furthermore, we are generally ranked number one, two or three on the most important keywords. There was a point in the process of the achieving rankings, that we would regress somewhat. The rankings would always comeback and advance even further. Today the rankings are very stable and consistent.

I told you that one day I would write a letter thanking you for saving our company. I frequently get calls from other SEO companies soliciting my business. I tell them that it is obvious they have not checked our website. If they had, they would not have made the call.

It is amazing how the mind set, in this industry, assumes that high rankings are hard, even impossible to achieve. The most generic keyword, in our business & on today’s Google search, with 44,500,000 results, ********Boutique.com is ranked number three. And the two websites ahead of us had those same spots four years ago, when we first thought about developing our website.

The facts are high rankings can be achieved. I can sincerely say that if it were not for you and your team of professionals, ********Boutique.com would not be in business today.

Rajesh, for that I am eternally grateful!

In my ending comments, let me say that not only was I wrong about the issue of your being so far away, I have come to know you as my friend. You have always been there for me, whenever I had a concern or an issue. I look forward to one day meeting you and your wife.

With the Warmest Regards,

Charles P.
Graford, TX 76449.

( Site details withheld upon request )

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