#1 - 100% Ethical and White-hat SEO

Here’s what you get when you sign on with us:

#2 - More than 15 Years in the Industry

#3 - Our Assets: TAPC & R

#4 – Performance Guarantee

Before committing to a project, we thoroughly analyze your website, your industry, your competition and the scope of improvement that is possible. You will see guaranteed improved results in the long run—from 8 months upward, depending on your industry and the volume of traffic on the Internet for your type of product.

Our long list of satisfied clients is a testimony to our ability to deliver results on a consistent basis. Remember, after deducting SEO expenses, you will earn a profit!

#5 - Transparency

You are assured of zero hidden costs. We believe in complete transparency—no hidden fees such as upfront fees, initial deposits, consultation fees, website updating fees and maintenance fees. When we provide our prices, those areour prices. Period.

#6 - Weekly Reporting

You can check your website progress reports online any time, 24/7. You can also request custom reports to check on your website’s performance.

Your weekly reports are:

Reports are part of your original pricing and can be requested at any time during the contract period.

#7 - Support and Rapport

You get live chat and support capability, which helps reduces your cost of communications and cuts response time drastically. This is a feature that all of our clients have tremendously appreciated.

Over time, our relationships with our clients have grown. When they care to, they get to know us personally, and we know each other’s families. We even share our thoughts on our hobbies pretty often, since many of our clients have come to be more than business associates. We are proud to be considered their friends who have helped them achieve their dreams.

#8 - Case Studies and Client References

You get the unique advantage of working with real professionals who have proven results. To allow us to prove our point, contact us to check out the case studies of websites that have zoomed, from nowhere, to the top of search engine results.

You can learn more about how we secured a top-10 ranking in all major search engines for our clients. Don’t just trust your eyes; trust your ears too, by using the long list of client references in your country with whom you can speak directly for an honest opinion about our SEO services.

#9 - Keyword Ranking:

We help our clients to achieve natural top rankings in major search engines & maintain them.

If we accept your project (remember, we accept only 12 projects per year), you are guaranteed positive results for your website. So get ready for your website to be listed on the first page of search engines!

#10 - YOUR Website Works for YOU

Unlike other SEO companies, you don't just get recommendations or suggestions for the changes that need to be done on your website; we take responsibility for your website and do it ourselves, at no extra cost.

Now, couldn’t your business benefit from that kind of help?

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